Level 3: LegenDairy Rollers


Practice Nights

Level 3 (LegenDairy Rollers) Sundays 5 pm – 7 pm at the Indus Recreation Centre.

Coach Flustercluck




Team Roster

#Derby NameReason for Derby NameReason for Derby NumberOne thing you love about derby
Rey Rey Rebel 25Rey Rey RebelMy dearest friend called me Rey Rey. It's special to me. I tend to break some rules so my friends joke about me being a rebel25 is my favorite number because it always brought me luck.I love the rush of going fast and being on rollerskates in general. Being with close friends makes it so much fun!
Wrecka Vecca 89Wrecka VeccaIt's my second favorite numberIt's a fun team sport
Leahthal 0LeahthalBecause I'm dangerousCause no one else had itCause it's competitive and an excuse to stink
Pi Face 314Pi FaceI know 40 (ish) numbers of piπRunning into people
Wolf Blade Jr 911Wolf Blade JrWhenever my dad needed a nickname he woud use Wolf Blade and I'm his son, therefore I am Wolf Blade JrIt was a joke with my friend and it just stuckEverything
B-Wrex 19B-WrexI like to wreck people and my name is BrooklinI like the numberPlaying in games and being with friends
MissFit 27MissFitI wanted a unique name and I also like the band MisfitsI'm not sure just kinda chose itPlaying as a team and blocking
Tricky Little  7Tricky Little Cause I'm tricky and I'm little so I'm Tricky Little7 is my lucky numberI love playing against the other teams and making friends
VenoMiss 666VenoMissIt's cute, but aggressivethat's self explanatory...people's reactions when I tell them I'm in derby
Smashing Rex 117Smashing RexIt's been my name for everything for several yearsIt's from a game called Halo that I play a lotI really enjoy hitting people
Girzilla 101GirzillaBecause I canIt makes me feel like I teach a classEverything
A-Syd Reflux 230A-Syd RefluxIt has my name and involves regurgitation.23 is lucky but it was taken so I added a zero.The speed and it's pretty fun
Pay the Pain 4Pay the PainMy name is Payton (that's where the 'PayI like the number 4 and that's my hockey numberEverything. It's awesome! The games are the best!
Ferris Bruiser 167Ferris BruiserFerris Bueller is my fave 80's movie and I too hate schoolStranger Things is the only TV show I care aboutHow supportive everyone is and my 5foot 2 self needs an edge, so derby gives me that