Level 3: LegenDairy Rollers

Practice Nights

Level 3 (LegenDairy Rollers) Sundays 5 pm – 7 pm at the Indus Recreation Centre.

Coach Flustercluck
Coach Boswell
Coach Wolf Blade Jr

Team Roster

#Derby Name
No player photo found.03Blocking J
Pay the Pain 4Pay the Pain
Dream Crusher 06Dream Crusher
Roller Darby 10Roller Darby
Doctor Ru 11Doctor Ru
Leahthal 14Leahthal
Allons-y 23Allons-y
Helliott 24Helliott
Mad at Her 106Mad at Her
No player photo found.111Crazy Rae
Smashing Rex 117Smashing Rex
Speedy 180Speedy
No player photo found.263L
Pi Face 314Pi Face
Rodeo Rozie 511Rodeo Rozie
Wolf Blade Jr 911Wolf Blade Jr