Level 3: LegenDairy Rollers

Practice Nights

Level 3 (LegenDairy Rollers) Sundays 5 pm – 7 pm at the Indus Recreation Centre.

Coach Flustercluck
Coach Boswell


Team Roster

#Derby Name
Pay the Pain 4Pay the Pain
Tricky Little 7Tricky Little
Roller Darby 10Roller Darby
Doctor Ru 11Doctor Ru
Leahthal 14Leahthal
Allons-y 23Allons-y
Helliott 24Helliott
Wrecka Vecca 89Wrecka Vecca
Girzilla 101Girzilla
Smashing Rex 117Smashing Rex
A-Syd Reflux 230A-Syd Reflux
Pi Face 314Pi Face
Wolf Blade Jr 911Wolf Blade Jr