Level 2: Udder Annihilation


Practice Nights

Level 2 (Udder Annihilation) Sundays 3:30 pm-5 pm at the Indus Recreation Centre.

Coach Mrs. Mongrel
Coach Sweet Justice
Coach Pay the Pain


Team Roster

#Derby Name
No player photo found.7PopSickle
Iron Fox 21Iron Fox
Kaleidoscope 28Kaleidoscope
Night Howler 65Night Howler
Tornado Abby 112Tornado Abby
Hermione Manger 259Hermione Manger
DeadAuraLive 315DeadAuraLive
Chaos 0317Chaos
Sugar 321Sugar
No player photo found.404Error
Turbo Tay  649Turbo Tay
Halo 732Halo
No player photo found.777Diamond Dust
Spike 2008Spike
Roller Bear 2010Roller Bear