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Recruitment starts in summer, with weekly practices at the Indus Recreational Centre in Indus, Alberta, or at Genesis Place in Airdire, Alberta. Any additional intake is space and availability dependant, generally in January.

All skaters are required to perform and pass benchmark testing in order to secure a position on one or more of our competitive league teams (Level 1 – Cowabunga or Rabid Racoons, Level 2 – Udder Annihilation or Rabid Racoons, and Level 3 – LegenDairy Rollers). 

Our coaches will teach your child the basics of roller skating and when ready, transition them into the skills needed to play roller derby – the fastest growing sport in the world!


Roller derby at SAJRD is a well priced sport. Our season runs September to June, with breaks on holidays.

Pricing for next season
Cowabunga or Rabid Racoons/Level 1 – $425 for season

Udder Annihilation or Rabid Racoons/Level 2 – $450 for season

LegenDairy Rollers/Level 3 (only offered in Indus) – $500 for season

There are also uniform costs (to be determined for next season), and a Volunteer hours commitment, which is easy to do around games and events.