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We are getting ready for a later than usual start for this year, as we come back to skating.

All skaters are required to perform and pass benchmark testing in order to secure a position on one or more of our competitive league teams (Level 1 – Cowabunga or Rabid Racoons, Level 2 – Udder Annihilation or Rabid Racoons, and Level 3 – LegenDairy Rollers). 

Our coaches will teach your child the basics of roller skating and when ready, transition them into the skills needed to play roller derby – the fastest growing sport in the world!


Roller derby at SAJRD is a well priced sport. Our season runs September to June, with breaks on holidays.

Pricing for next season
Cowabunga or Rabid Racoons/Level 1 – $425 for season

Udder Annihilation or Rabid Racoons/Level 2 – $450 for season

LegenDairy Rollers/Level 3 (only offered in Indus) – $500 for season

There are also uniform costs (to be determined for next season), and a Volunteer hours commitment, which is easy to do around games and events.