About Us

The Southern Alberta Junior Roller Derby Association (SAJRD) is a diverse group of parents and players who have come together in the spirit of promoting fun, excitement and individual expression through the entertaining, family-friendly team sport of competitive Junior Roller Derby. SAJRD formed in October 2013 to better accommodate a growing audience of players and fans in the Calgary, Airdrie and Foothills (Okotoks, High River) regions.

One of North America’s fastest-growing sports (in league formations and number of players), today’s Canadian roller derby is played on a flat track (typically a gymnasium floor) and is a high-speed team sport requiring roller skating skill and agility, strategy and athletic ability. While a light contact sport, roller derby promotes safety, cooperation, and wholesome fun and entertainment for the whole family! It is a sport based on the principles of community, sportsmanship and competition driven by volunteerism; with all aspects of league formation and operation organized as a not for profit and on a purely volunteer basis.


SAJRD is open to both male and female players of any skating level, ages 6 – 17. Novice players with little to no prior skating ability are taught skating and basic derby fundamentals with the goal to prepare them for benchmarking (testing) status for competitive play. Our season typically runs from Sept – June with various scrimmages and competitive bouts scheduled both home and away.

At SAJRD we strongly promote a diverse, welcoming community celebrating individuality while strongly supporting friendship and team play. In no time at all we see shy, inexperienced skaters (who have never found their passion in traditional youth sport) grow into very strong skaters, players, and confident teens and pre-teens. And that really is the core of roller derby – the common thread that holds all of us (players, parents and fans) together – a sense of family and acceptance – no matter the skill set or body type.